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Was it that one there with the nice ass?
Reiner Braun, graduate of the 104th trainees squad and member of the Scouting legion. Here to answer your questions and give... creative advice.

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**Spoilers tag : #shingeki no spoilers**

Semi-hiatus : school semester ends on April 30th, be back around May. Queue is stocked, and I check my inbox frequently if you have any questions.

//LOL we talked about the SS yesterday evening, and guess who was your Secret Santa Nami~ Yeeeep~~ I really hope you like it, I had a blast drawing this~ 

You know, I always add embarrassing stuff to Christmas gifts, like a small letter to tell you how happy I am to count you among my friends. I think you are someone worth getting to know: I mean, you probably are your muse to an extent, with all of your kindness and cuteness. I really enjoy the time we spend speaking or RPing all of this stuff we can come up with! 

With love and braunies,


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